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Warning: Disturbing Elijah pic *and NOT in a good way*

Edited to say sorry; people are having trouble seeing this picture. If you're interested email me. It's just a black and white shot, where he looks bruised and cut. It could even be from a movie, for all I know.

I have no idea where this pic originally came from. I haven't yet gotten a reply from the website where I found it. It is very likely a manip, an OLD one, but I can't tell. It looks distrubingly real. In my very early days on the internet, rumor mentioned Elijah in a car accident. I stopped following the gossip, but now I've come across this picture, and I just wonder if maybe police/hospital documentation had made its way to the internet. Note, I've deliberately blurred some text written over it.

Can anyone enlighten me? And please, don't hate me that I've posted this, it's not my intention to offend/scare anyone. The picture is just very dramatic, and has me curious. If someone has played a joke, then they've got me.

Maybe it's no big deal, but if you love Elijah, like I do, this may bother you a bit. Remember, I think it's a very old photo, old news, but I'll be reposting this message elsewhere, looking for info. Thanks

Photo text has been blurred. If you know anything about this photo, please contact me. I'm just curious. If you can't see the image, try here: If you're still having problems, email me, and I'll send you an attachment.Email

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