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[12 Dec 2009|09:22pm]

[ 19 ] Elijah Wood icons .


[ 16 ] MORE HERE @ mowmows !

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[25 Jan 2009|06:17pm]

Hey there,
Gotta fic for ya.

Title: Looking for Casey
Author: Ca_tharsis_
Fandom: Faculty Fic
Pairing: Zeke/Casey
Rating: PG

Summary: Two survivors adjust to change.

Website: sonnypreyer.com and http://users.livejournal.com/ca_tharsis_/profilel


The Cumberland forest stared back at Zeke, winter white and concealing what he wanted most in its blue shadows.

He yelled, “Casey, where the hell are you? I said I’m sorry!”

Not sorry enough, his numbing ears and fingers suggested. His arm was still bleeding from the fall. Who knew a frozen stick could act just like a knife if you fell on it the right way? Now his sleeve was freezing to his skin.

Looking back down the path, the cabin was hidden from view. That made him nervous, but not nearly as nervous as knowing he had driven Casey out into the cold. Why did he keep forgetting how sensitive the guy was? Why couldn’t he just keep his mouth shut or at least remember that Casey wasn’t like other people? The guy was worth taking the time to be gentle with. Zeke had no idea why, there was just something there, something not present in your average asshole.

Zeke was proud of his ability to tell anyone to go the fuck on, but when it came to Casey, especially after the whole school-aliens bullshit, something in him stopped short and respected what he saw in the guy.

Read More at: http://sonnypreyer.com/caseyhtm.htm

I've had a ton of trouble out of this website. If the link doesn't work, just go to my lj profile page. Thanks
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Happy Anniversary, EE!! [13 Jan 2007|05:15pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

It's been too long since someone has posted here, so I thought I'd wish us a Happy Happy. Today was also the b-day of the founder and one of Elwood's biggest fans bagendbabe !!! *throws confetti and streamers* \0/\0/\0/

So a few pics to celebrate...Collapse )

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[13 May 2006|08:20am]

Greetings all,

I'm not sure if it's appropriate to post here, (if not, please forgive) but this is a project that was inspired by Elijah, and his roles as Frodo and Casey (The Faculty). It's an Original Slash story, and the main character goes by the name of Sonny.

It's a Sci-fi/Fantasy, and I must warn you, it contains Gender Issues: please read, so it may not be for everyone. Header and warnings below. Thanks


Title: Sonny Preyer - A Fairy Tale of a Different Kind
Author: Catharsis (bhayde57785@earthlink.net)
Fandom: Original Slash (although inspired by various LOTR obsessions)
Pairing: Sonny/Raeder

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Sonny was born to keep a promise, even if it kills him.

Warning: This is ultimately a story of love, but it does contain violence,
angst, and non-con situations. Also, this story is not beta'd. I'm currently seeking a beta for it. If anyon's interested, please let me know.
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[21 Feb 2006|08:07pm]

Elijah Fans wanted at Matchflick.com!
Hey guys,
Have you added yourself to the Matchflick Elijah fan list: click here

If not, be sure to. Matchflick is a community of movie fans! Meet Elijah fans from all over the US (and search for them in your city) Its really cool and a lot of fun :)

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BTW... [13 Jan 2006|07:54pm]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY elijahexchange !!!!!

Hey all you Lijah Lovers, we need to start posting in here again. Bring your friends and stay awhile....Collapse )
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Join!? [01 Jan 2006|10:53pm]

New community. elijah_icons_
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[24 Dec 2005|07:49pm]
Everything is Illuminated DVD available for pre-order!

Everything Is Illuminated - DVD
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[28 Nov 2005|06:30pm]

Someone tells me that the photo from the last post is actually from a photoshoot. That's all. If anyone can tell me more, that'd be great. Was he promoting something, or was it just a quirky shoot?

The pic can be found at this site (since no one can see it below), but please keep in mind that stories of a mature and controversial nature are found here, and no offense is intended, I'm sure. The site: http://www.digitalcandy.net/cry/
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Warning: Disturbing Elijah pic *and NOT in a good way* [27 Nov 2005|12:34pm]

Edited to say sorry; people are having trouble seeing this picture. If you're interested email me. It's just a black and white shot, where he looks bruised and cut. It could even be from a movie, for all I know.

I have no idea where this pic originally came from. I haven't yet gotten a reply from the website where I found it. It is very likely a manip, an OLD one, but I can't tell. It looks distrubingly real. In my very early days on the internet, rumor mentioned Elijah in a car accident. I stopped following the gossip, but now I've come across this picture, and I just wonder if maybe police/hospital documentation had made its way to the internet. Note, I've deliberately blurred some text written over it.

Can anyone enlighten me? And please, don't hate me that I've posted this, it's not my intention to offend/scare anyone. The picture is just very dramatic, and has me curious. If someone has played a joke, then they've got me.

Maybe it's no big deal, but if you love Elijah, like I do, this may bother you a bit. Remember, I think it's a very old photo, old news, but I'll be reposting this message elsewhere, looking for info. Thanks

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Oh wow! [21 Aug 2005|06:26am]

[ mood | crazy ]

I forgot we even had a LJ lmao!! I'm so bad... spank me... lol

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Helloooooooo!! Everyone.... [01 May 2005|09:21am]

[ mood | creative ]

Where are you all?? I don't usually post here or in the Y Group but I'm going through my flist today and checking all my groups and saying HI!! Jules, Jade...*echo*

A thought: how about posting some of our Pervy Thoughts, etc., here? Or maybe some stories? What'dya think? I'm working on a rather longish story about teh Wee Lad during filming of "The Faculty" and his "involvement" with an older woman. When I finally finish, I'll probably post to woodlust and elijah_het, but would love to put it here too. Let me know....

And everyone, a Happy May Day, and to my darling Jules, a Blessed Beltaine...*hugs and many kisses*

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Where IS everyone? [19 Apr 2005|01:33pm]


Has everyone just disappeared from here? Nary a post to be seen at all! :)

I'm just on my way to check up on the Y! Group, BTW. So what HAS been going on with the members of EE? Any new members? And how are the old ones? Hope they're all well! :)

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[09 Mar 2005|10:43am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

hey i just thought i should share some really cool pictures of elijah i got from Bacchus this year!

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An icon and an FO Banner [12 Jul 2004|02:53pm]


Hope you don't mind that I post these here! :)

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Read this! [09 Jul 2004|06:46pm]


I am disgusted by this! How DARE they call themselves fans?!


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Hope no one minds the spam... [21 Jun 2004|05:19pm]


I'll take it off if you do. I just wanted to advertise my new "Graphics Journal" of sorts: fa_graphics

If it's no too much trouble, please pay it a visit. If you like anything in the interests section, you might find it worth your time :)


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Ahahaha! :) [16 Jun 2004|03:43pm]

When will you meet the Hobbits?
by glamdring
Which Hobbit?Elijah Wood
Where you meet:In Guitar Center.
What will happen:Elope and get married.
When:May 28, 2012
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
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Anyone remember this? [07 Jun 2004|02:28pm]


I'd made a silly thing with this pic a while back. Now I decided to make it a *little less* useless and turn into this:


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Elijah POLL [24 May 2004|11:34am]

[ mood | meh ]

Hey all. I was bored so I decided to make an Elijah poll. Enjoy! ;-D

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::DaRk BlU::

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